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The Call To Leadership

Whether it is building community capacity, nurturing organizations to address needs, or forging unity, the one essential ingredient to unite and empower the Hispanic community is competent and committed LEADERSHIP!Hispanics must expand their leadership core NOW to meet the challenge of our growing numbers!

Latinas have a unique role to play in this advancement. They are the heart of the family, keepers of culture and faith, and active community volunteers. In the past twenty years, a core of Latinas has risen to leadership. To address the needs of our growing community, however, a greater number of Latinas need to be prepared to lead and serve. The Circle of Latina Leadership aspires to support and mentor this cadre of women.

Founded by Juana Bordas in 2000, The Circle of Latina Leadership's mission is to "Prepare the Next Generation of Leaders." CLL’s executive director is Martha Rubi Byers.

Participant Profile

The Circle targets Latinas who are at least 25 years old and are emerging community and grass roots leaders who have a past history of community involvement and volunteerism. They should aspire to make a greater contribution. Ideal candidates want to learn, improve their skills, and be committed to work for the advancement of the Hispanic community. The Circle reflects the rich diversity of the Hispanic Community and includes women from nonprofits, education, government, and volunteers. Participants work with a mentor to complete a Community Action Project.

Program Overview

The Circle for Latina Leadership provides one hundred hours of leadership training including two weekend seminars, five Saturday programs, and five evening sessions.

A unique training curriculum, Latina Leadership: Self-Empowerment and Community Advancementguides the process and includes: Personal Power & Identity; Latina Leadership Principles; Teamwork & Community Building; the Cultural & Spiritual Foundations of Leadership; Projecting a Powerful Image; Accessing Media and Public Speaking; Career Advancement. Circle women are part of a supportive and dynamic sisterhood. Circle sisters are united in their dedication for community advancement and personal growth. They continue to learn and work together through the alumnae association.

Participants are linked with a mentor who continues to guide their development and involvement in the community. The mentors assist with community action projects (CAP) that address critical issues in the Hispanic community.

The Circle of Latina Leadership operates through the Institute for Mestiza Leadership.

Praise for our Latina Leaders...

John Hickenlooper, Former Mayor of Denver
"All over Denver today - Circle Alumnae are making great contributions. Thank you to all of them for their good work. It is not only what you are doing today - but the promise you hold in making Denver a great city that honors the contributions of Latinas and your wonderful community."

Dave DeForest-Stalls, President / CEO
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado

“As I watched this past December’s continuation ceremony I couldn’t stop smiling ear to ear. I was experiencing a rebirth of hope. These women will change our world. The Circle changed our staff member Audrey’s life and will change the lives of hundreds of children in Colorado through her greater capacity.”

Cassi Haberler, Director of Shelter Services - SafeHouse Denver
“The most apparent change or difference was Claudia’s ability to start critically thinking. She was able to start some difficult conversations in team meetings, which prompted appropriate change to many of our policies and procedures.”

“The Circle of Latina Leadership is a leadership resource to the Colorado community, which focuses on preparing and mentoring the next generation of Latino/a leaders to serve in the advancement of the Latino community. This entails offering the necessary educational and developmental tools that are culturally relevant and community centered.”

Our Esteemed Board of Directors

Board Chair - Teri Chavez
Denver Water

Vice Chair - Suzan Moore
Denver International Airport (DIA)

Secretary - Daria Serna Brooks
Regional Transportation District (RTD)

Treasurer - Erika Reyes Martinez
 City and County of Denver Human Services

Juana Bordas
Circle Founder & President of Institute of Mestiza Leadership

Judi Diaz Bonaquisti
Vice President, Enrollment
Metropolitan State College

Chris Martinez
City and County of Denver

Elizabeth Suarez
Avanza Business

Leadership Council

Lena Archuleta - Founding Board
Hispanic Women's Leader

Marcela Paiz - Founding Board
President, IDEA

Sister Alicia Cuaron - Founding Board
Director- Centro San Diego

Anna Jo Haynes - Founding Board
Executive Director, Mile High Child Care

Ramona Martinez - Founding Board
First Latina President - Denver City Council